In 2008, two young people who just graduated from university, Cassie & Jack, entered the foreign trade industry of potted plants because of their love of flowers. They continued to learn and work hard, and they accumulated valuable experience, two years later they started their own entrepreneurial journey.

In 2010, They began to cooperate with a nursery located in Shaxi Town, Zhangzhou City, which mainly produces various potted banyan trees, such as Ficus ginseng, Ficus S shape and Ficus trees for the landscape. 


In 2013, A cooperation with another nursery was added, which is located in Haiyan town Taishan city, where are the most famous area for growing and processing Dracaena Sanderiana (spiral or curl bamboo, toweror layer bamboo, straight bamboo, etc).

They strictly control the quality and provide thoughtful service to customers, which has won the trust of many customers.

In 2016, Zhangzhou Sunny Flower Import and Export Co., Ltd. was registered and established. Because of more professional advice, excellent quality, competitive price and considerate service, it wins a good reputation among the customers. 

In 2020, Another nursery was founded. The Nursery is located in Baihua villeage, Jiuhu Town Zhangzhou City, where is the most famous place of varies of plants in China. And it’s with favorable climate and convenient location - just one hour away from Xiamen seaport and airport. The nursery covers an area of 16 acres and is equipped with a temperature control system and an automatic spray system, it helps to further meet customer orders.

Now, Zhangzhou Sunny Flower Import and Export Co., Ltd. has become an expert in this industry. It is specialized in production and sales of potted plants and flowers, including Ficus Microcarpa, Sansevieria, Cactus, Bougaivillea, Pachira Macrocrpa, Cycas, etc. The plants are sold to different countries in the world, such as the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Turkey and the middle east countries.

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We believe that with our continuous efforts, our customers and us will be able to win-win always.