Adenium Obesum Seedlings Desert Rose Seedling Non-grafted Adenium

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Adenium obesum is also known as Desert rose. In fact, it is not a rose growing in desert areas, and it has no close relationship or similarities with roses. It is a plant of Apocynaceae. The desert rose is named because its origin is close to the desert and is as red as a rose. Desert Roses originate from Kenya and Tanzania in Africa, are beautiful when flowers are in full bloom and are often cultivated for viewing.

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Type: Adenium seedlings, non graft plant

Size: 6-20cm height

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Packaging & Delivery:

Lifting of seedlings, every 20-30 plants/newspaper bag, 2000-3000 plants/carton. The weight is about 15-20KG, suitable for air transportation;

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Payment Term:
Payment: T/T full amount before delviery.

Maintenance Precaution:

Adenium obesum prefers a high temperature, dry and sunny environment.

Adenium obesum prefers a loose, breathable and well drained sandy loam rich in calcium. It is not resistant to shade, waterlogging and concentrated fertilizer.

Adenium is afraid of cold, and the growth temperature is 25-30 ℃. In summer, it can be placed outdoors in a sunny place without shading, and fully watered to keep the soil moist, but no ponding is allowed. In winter, it is necessary to control watering and maintain the overwintering temperature above 10 ℃ to make the leaves dormant.

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