Indoor Plant Dracaena Sanderiana Spiral Lucky Bamboo

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Lucky bamboo, botanical name: "Dracaena Sanderiana". It ' s a member of bamboo and a kind of ornamental indoor plant .
According to the Chinese belief: Lucky bamboo is a symbol of good luck, it can enhance the positive energy in environment. Having Lucky bamboo at home, it not only decorates your room, but also brings you good fortune and prosperity. 
Lucky bamboo looks pretty and pure, with one piece, it stands gracefully; with several pieces holding together, they will make a magnificent tower, like a Chinese pagoda; spiral bamboo looks like clouds moving over and fairies flying, curly bamboo like a Chinese dragon ready to fly.

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Size: small,media,big
Height: 30-120cm

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details: Foam box / carton / wooden case
Port of Loading: shenzhen, China
Means of Transport: By air / by sea
Lead time: 50 days after receiving deposit

Payment: T/T 30% in advance, balance against copies of shipping documents.

Maintenance precautions:

Basic essentials of hydroponis:
Before cultivation, cut off the leaves at the base of the cuttings, and cut the base with a sharp knife into oblique cuts. The cuts should be smooth to absorb water and nutrients. Change the water every 3 to 4 days. Do not move or change the direction within 10 days. Silver-white fibrous roots can grow in about 15 days. It is not advisable to change the water after rooting, and add water in time after the evaporation of water is reduced. Frequent water changes can easily cause yellow leaves and branches to wilt. After rooting, apply a small amount of compound fertilizer in time to make the leaves green and the branches thick. If there is no fertilization for a long time, the plants will grow thin and the leaves will easily turn yellow. However, fertilization should not be too much, so as not to cause “root burning” or cause excessive growth.

Main value:
Plant decoration and appreciation; Improve air quality with disinfection function; reduce the radiation; bring good luck.

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