Natural Ornamental Bonsai  Carmona Microphylla

Short Description:

Carmona microphylla is an evergreen shrub of the Boraginaceae family. The leaf shape is small, oblong, dark green and shiny. Small white flowers bloom in spring and summer, drupe spherical, green at first and red afterwards. Its trunk is rugged, curvy and graceful, very good for home decoration.

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15-45 cm height

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Packed in wooden cases / iron cases/trolley

Payment & Delivery:
Payment: T/T 30% in advance, balance against copies of shipping documents.
Lead time: 7 days after receiving deposit

Maintenance Precaution:

1.Water and fertilizer management: the pot soil and surrounding environment should be kept moist, and it is advisable to water and spray leaf surface water frequently. From April to October every year, apply thinly decomposed cake fertilizer water once a month, and apply dry cake fertilizer scraps as base fertilizer once in early winter.

2.Light and temperature requirements: Carmona microphylla like half shade, but also shade tolerant, like warmth and chills. During the growth period, you should pay attention to proper shading and avoid strong direct sunlight; in winter, it should be moved indoors, and the room temperature should be kept above 5°C to survive the winter safely.

3. Repotting and pruning: Repotting and replacing soil once every 2 to 3 years, carried out at the end of spring, remove 1/2 of the old soil, cut off dead roots, rotten roots and shortened roots, and cultivate new cultivation Plant in soil to promote the development and growth of new roots. Pruning is carried out in May and September each year, using the method of arranging branches and cutting the stems, and cutting off the excessively long branches and the extra branches that affect the appearance of the tree.

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