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Short Description:

Pachira macrocarpa is a relatively large potted plant, we usually put it in the living room or study room at home. Pachira macrocarpa has a beautiful meaning of fortune, it is very good to raise at home. One of the most important ornamental value of the pachira macrocarpa is that it can be artistically shaped, that is, 3-5 seedlings can be grown in the same pot, and the stems will grow tall and braided.

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1.Size available:  3 / 5 braided (diameter 2-2.5cm, 2.5-3cm, 3-3.5cm, 3.5-4.0cm)
2. Bare root or with cocopeat and leaves are available, depends on customers’ requirements.

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging: carton packing or trolley or wood crates packing
Port of Loading: Xiamen, China
Means of Transport: By air / by sea
Lead time: bare root 7-15 days, with cocopeat and root (summer season 30 days, winter season 45-60 days)

Payment: T/T 30% in advance, balance against copies of shipping documents.

Maintenance precautions:

Watering is an important link in the maintenance and management of the pachira macrocarpa. If the amount of water is small, the branches and leaves grow slowly; the amount of water is too large, which may cause the death of rotten roots; if the amount of water is moderate, the branches and leaves are enlarged. Watering should adhere to the principle of keeping wet and not dry, followed by the principle of “two more and two less”, that is, water more in high temperature seasons in summer and less water in winter; large and medium-sized plants with vigorous growth should be watered more, small new plants in pots should be watered less.
Use a watering can to spray water on the leaves every 3 to 5 days to increase the moisture of the leaves and increase the air humidity. This will not only facilitate the progress of photosynthesis, but also make the branches and leaves more beautiful.

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