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Short Description:

Taiwan ficus is popular, because Taiwan ficus is beautiful in shape and has great ornamental value. The banyan tree was first called the "immortal tree". The crown is large and dense, the root system is deep, and the crown is thick. The whole has a feeling of heaviness and awe. Concentrated in a small bonsai will give people a delicate feeling.

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● Size: pot length 15cm
● Medium: cocopeat + peatmoss
● Pot: ceramic pot / plastic pot
● Nurse Temperature: 12°C
● Use: Perfect for home or office

Packaging Details:
● foam box
● wooded case
● plastics basket
● iron case

Maintenance precautions:

Ficus microcarpa likes a sunny and well-ventilated environment, so when choosing the potting soil, you should choose a well-drained and breathable soil. Excessive water will easily cause the roots of the ficus tree to rot. If the soil is not dry, there is no need to water it. If it is watered, it must be watered thoroughly, which will make the banyan tree alive.

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