Grafted S Shaped Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai

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Ficus microcarpa bonsai is very popular because of its evergreen characteristics, and through various artistic techniques, it becomes a unique artistic model, achieving the appreciation value of viewing the strange shape of the ficus microcarpa's stumps, roots, stems and leaves. Among them, the S-shaped ficus microcarpa has a unique appearance and has a higher ornamental value.

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Packaging Details: wooden cases, in a 40 feet Reefer container, with temperature 12 degree.
Port of Loading: XIAMEN, China
Means of Transport: By sea

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Payment: T/T 30% in advance, balance against copies of shipping documents.
Lead time: 7 days after receiving deposit

Maintenance precautions:

Illumination and ventilation
Ficus microcarpa is a subtropical plant, like sunny, well-ventilated, warm and humid environment. Generally it should be placed in the ventilation and light transmission, there should be a certain space humidity. If the sunlight is not enough, ventilation is not smooth, there is no certain space humidity, can make the plant yellow, dry, resulting in pests and diseases, until death.

Ficus microcarpa is planted in the basin, if the water is not watered for a long time, the plant will wither because of the lack of water, so it is necessary to observe in time, water according to the dry and wet conditions of the soil, and maintain the soil moisture. Water until the drainage hole at the bottom of the basin seeps out, but can not be watered half (that is, wet and dry), after pouring water once, until the surface of the soil is white and the surface soil is dry, the second water will be poured again. In hot seasons, water is often sprayed on the leaves or surrounding environment to cool down and increase air humidity. Water times in winter, spring to be less, summer, autumn to be more.

Banyan does not like fertilizer, apply more than 10 grains of compound fertilizer per month, pay attention to fertilizing along the edge of the basin to bury the fertilizer in the soil, immediately after fertilization watering. The main fertilizer is compound fertilizer.

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