Genuine Pecan Seedlings of Different Varieties

Short Description:

Pecan seedlings are a type of tree that is native to North America and can be used in landscaping or as an edible nut. They grow best in a warm, sunny environment with well-draining soils. Pecans come in several varieties and range from small to large trees.

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Variety: Pawnee, Mahan, Western, Wichita, etc

Size: 1-year-grated, 2-year-grafted, 3-year-grafted, etc


Packaging & Delivery:

Packed in cartons, with plastic bag inside to keep moisture, suitable for air transportation;


Payment Term:
Payment: T/T full amount before delviery.

Maintenance Precaution:

In order to keep your pecan seedling healthy it should receive 6-8 hours of sunlight each day and be watered deeply every few days (more often during the summer months).

Fertilizing your pecan once or twice per year will also help the tree stay strong and produce flavorful nuts.

Pruning should be done regularly throughout the growing season, especially when new growth appears, to ensure that the branches remain balanced and healthy.

Finally, protecting your young tree from pests such as caterpillars can help prevent damage caused by insect infestations


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